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Our website contains various resources to aid in researching and filing matters before the OCB.

Searching OCB Decisions

Under the " Research" tab, the "Search Our Cases" tab allows searches of Board of Collective Bargaining ("BCB") and Board of Certification ("BOC") decisions, NYS court decisions on appeals of BCB and BOC decisions, and impasse decisions.

BCB and BOC decisions are also available on-line at:

A link to the most recent BCB and BOC decisions can be found under the " Recent Decisions" tabs, located under both the "Attorneys" and "City Employees" tabs;

Citation Conversion Charts Tab

On January 1, 2008, OCB changed its citation format from one that referred to only the decision number and year (e.g., "Decision No. B-2-2007") to one that indicates a volume number, decision number, year, and the issuing board (e.g., "79 OCB 2 (BCB 2007)"). The citation conversion charts provide a simple means of converting pre-2008 citations to the current format.

Note that decisions issued after January 1, 2008 will cite to pre-2008 decisions using the current citation format. Therefore, when searching for references to a pre-2008 decision, be sure to search using both citation formats.

Searching Appealed OCB Decisions

A table of BCB and BOC decisions that have been appealed to the State courts can be found under the "Appealed Cases and Subsequent History," tab, located under the "Research" tab. The tables indicate whether the decision is currently on appeal or if a decision has been issued by the courts. If a decision was issued, the table lists the court case citation(s).

Other Resources

Other helpful resources available on the OCB website include:

  • FORMS necessary to: file an improper practice petition, a representation petition, or a bargaining notice; request arbitration, mediation, or the appointment of an impasse panel. These forms can be found under both the "Attorneys" and "City Employees" tabs under "Forms".
  • GUIDES for filing improper practice and representation petitions can be found under the "City Employees" tab.
  • OCB'S LAW & RULES (i.e., New York City Collective Bargaining Law, relevant provisions of the City Charter, and Rules of the Office of Collective Bargaining) can also be found under the "City Employees tab".

The following links can be found under both the " Attorneys" and "City Employees" tab:

  • The "Designated Agents" tab provides links to lists of representatives of the employer and/or the union are specifically designated by the party to accept service of pleadings under OCB's Rules.
  • The "Agencies in Our Jurisdiction" tab contains a list of all of the agencies, boards, and departments under OCB Jurisdiction.
  • The "Types of Representation Petitions" tab explains the different types of representation petitions that a party can file.
  • The "Managerial/Confidential" tab provides the Taylor Law definitions of managerial and confidential employees.
  • The "Representation Docket and Surveys" tab lists of matters pending before the BOC.
  • The "Arbitration" tabs provides a general description of the arbitration services available through the OCB. The list of neutrals available to hear arbitration matters can be found in the Register of Neutrals tab under the Attorneys tab.
  • The "Mediation" tab explains how to request mediation and answers some procedural questions about the process.

answers some procedural questions about the process.