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Representation Docket And Surveys

The Following cases are pending before the Board of Certification.

Docket No. Title(s) at Issue Survey Notice
RU-1654-18 Assistant Director of Nursing
Associate Director of Nursing
Deputy Director of Nursing
AC-1652-18 Crime Analyst Notice
AC-1644-17 Administrative Horticulturalist Survey Notice
AC-1642-17 Deputy Director of Nursing Survey Notice
AC-1641-17 Assistant Director of Nursing Survey Notice
AC-1640-17 Associate Director of Nursing, MPPI & MPPII Survey Notice
AC-1638-16 Budget Analyst (IBO)
Budget Analyst (Comptroller)
AC-1631-16 Patient Representative Survey Notice
AC-1626-16 Administrative Staff Analyst Level IV Survey Notice
AC-1625-16 Deputy Director of Social and Community Services
Deputy Director of Tenant and Community Affairs
Director of Social and Community Services
Director of Tenant and Community Affairs
Assistant Director of Intergroup Relations
Survey Notice
AC-1623-16 Administrative Fire Protection Inspector Survey Notice
AC-1622-16 Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Emergency Preparedness Manager
AC-1621-16 Administrative Director of Residential Child Care Survey Notice
AC-1612-15 Administrative Contract Specialist Survey Notice
AC-1610-15 Administrative Management Auditor Level I Survey Notice
AC-1607-15 Administrative Claim Examiner
Administrative Director of Social Services
Administrative Investigator
Administrative Juvenile Counselor
Survey Notice
AC-1606-15 Administrative Park and Recreation Manager
Manager of Radio Repair Operations
Survey Notice
AC-1605-15 Administrative Public Health Nurse
Administrative Public Health Sanitarian
Survey Notice
AC-1604-15 Administrative Space Analyst
Administrative Graphic Artist
Survey Notice
AC-1603-15 Administrative Assessor
Administrative Real Property Manager
Survey Notice
AC-1602-15 Administrative Accountant
Administrative Business Promotion Coordinator
Administrative Retirement
Benefits Specialist
Administrative Tax Auditor
Computer Operations Manager
Computer Systems Manager
Telecommunications Manager
Survey Notice
AC-71-12 Health Services Manager Survey Notice
AC-57-10 Assistant Director, Hospitals
Associate Director, Hospitals
Survey Notice