NYC Office of Collective Bargaining
Resume of Neutral

First Name: Initial: Last Name: Suffix: Arbitrator Since:
Josef Sirefman 1999
Arbitration/Mediation Experience
PRIVATE SECTOR: Arbitrated numerous contract and discipline
dispautes in many industries. Impartial Chairman, Local 144 and
the Nursing Home Industry in NYC; 1199 and League of Voluntary
hospitals Panel; panel, GE and IUE; panel, League of Resident
Theatres and SSDC; Illinois Bell Telephone and IBEW; National RR
Adjustment and Public Law Boards
PUBLIC SECTOR: Panels, USPS and APWU, NALC, State of NY and CSEA,
PEF, Council 82, AFSCME; VA and AFGE; FAA and PASS; also arbitrated
ad hoc numerous grievances at Federal, State, County, Local levels;
all school district employees;
Panels/Permanent Arbitrator
Work History
BA 1950 CCNY; J.D. NYU 1953; M.B.A., NYU 1961; Ph.D.,
econoimics, NYU-GBA 1973
Professional Affiliations