NYC Office of Collective Bargaining
Resume of Neutral

First Name: Initial: Last Name: Suffix: Arbitrator Since:
Michael Pecklers 1991
Arbitration/Mediation Experience
Private Sector:
Currently serving on arbitration panels of New Jersey
State Board of Mediation, and New York State Employment Relations Board.
Public Sector:
The New Jersey State Board of Mediation includes some public sector CBAs.
I have done several cases involving J.J. Transit. Also served as Hearing Officer,
Hudson County Area Vocational-Technical Schools, and Commissioner, New
Jersey School Ethics Commission.
Panels/Permanent Arbitrator
Work History
Arbitrator, Better Business Bureau; certified by N.J. Administration Office of the
Courts as a Mediator in Passaic County Superior Courts; recently appointed to District of
Columbia Task Force on Mediation of Employment Disputes in Superior Court
New York Law School, Juris Doctorate
Jersey City State College, Bachelor of Arts
Pace University (Course work in Master of Business
Administration Program)
Professional Affiliations