NYC Office of Collective Bargaining
Resume of Neutral

First Name: Initial: Last Name: Suffix: Arbitrator Since:
Joseph A Harris PhD 1996
Arbitration/Mediation Experience
National Academy of Arbitrators (member)
Broad experience in public and private sector grievance arbitration (1996-): 1,200+ awards
Emeritus Professor, Industrial and Labor Relations (SUNY, College at Old Westbury)
Interest arbitration (NJ PERC Special Fire & Police Panel; USPS & NPMHU; Fairway & UFCW)
Interest mediation (NJ PERC)
Grievance mediation (Verizon/IBEW)
Panels/Permanent Arbitrator
NYC Transit & TWU; USPS & APWU; USPS & NALC; USPS & NPMHU; NYC Trucking Authority & IBT; VERIZON &
IBEW; Medisys Hospitals & SEIU; IRS & NTEU; SEC & NTEU; Border Protection & NTEU; Contractors Associations/LIUNA Benefit Funds; Parkchester Condominiums & SPBA; Nathan's Restaurants & RWDSU

AAA; FMCS; NY PERB; Suffolk Cty PERB; NJ PERC; NJ SMB; PA Bureau of Mediation
State/Local, Fire, Police, Education, Hospital, Corrections, Library, Bus and Subway, Benefit Funds,
Construction, Federal, Homecare, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Nursing Homes, Post Office, Real Estate, Restaurant,
Retail, Trucking, Telecommunications, Warehouse

Discipline, Contract interpretation, Out-of-Title, Disability, Discrimination, Alcohol/Drugs, Hours, Layoffs,
Management Rights, Overtime, Promotions, Safety, Seniority, Subcontracting, Theft, Transfers, Violence
Work History
Director and Associate Professor, Industrial and Labor Relations, SUNY Old Westbury (1990-2011)
Exchange Professor & Visiting Scholar: Jinan University, Guangzhou China (summers, 2009-2014)
MBA Adjunct Faculty, Dowling College (1998-2003)
Legislative Director, DC 1707 AFSCME (1986-1990)
Economics research and writing (1974-1986)
PhD, Economics, University of California (1978)
MA, Economics, University of California
BA, Economics, University of California
Professional Affiliations
National Academy of Arbitrators
Labor and Employment Association
Advisory Committee on Community Relations (Teaneck NJ Town Council)