NYC Office of Collective Bargaining
Resume of Neutral

First Name: Initial: Last Name: Suffix: Arbitrator Since:
Dennis J. Campagna 1996
Arbitration/Mediation Experience
Full-time Arbitrator, Mediator & Fact Finder with nationally based public and private sector base. Have served as
an impartial Arbitrator and Mediator in over 1000 rights and interest arbitration cases covering a full range of
contract interpretation, disciplinary, employment discrimination, and sexual harassment. I am an approved Mediator
for the U.S. Federal Court System on issues of Employment Discrimination. Special Magistrate for Labor Relations,
State of Florida PERC
Panels/Permanent Arbitrator
American Arbitration Association, FMCS, N.Y. PERB, National Mediation Board, State of Florida PERC.
Panels include Verizon/CWA, Buffalo (City)/PBA, Rochester (City)/PBA, N.Y. Airbrake/IAMAW, Pall
Corp./UAW, Rochester Transit/ATU, Rochester CSD/Rochester Teachers, Albany City School
District/Albany Teachers, NYS/PEF, NYS/CSEA.
Airlines, Railroad, Broadcasting, Chemical, Federal, State & Local Governments, Health Care, Police &
Fire, Private Sector Grievance & Interest Arbitration, Public Sector Grievance & Interest Arbitration.
Issues include, but not limited to: arbitrability (procedural & substantive), wages, disciplinary actions,
discrimination, wage & hour, jurisdictional disputes, subcontracting, transfer, premium pay disputes, ADA,
Work History
1974-84, NYSUT/AFT,AFL-CIO Field Representative, Mid-Hudson Region; 1987-1996, Flaherty-Cohen et. al.
(now Bond Schoeneck & King) representing management clients; 1996-2008, Cornell University School of
Industrial & Labor Relations Faculty Member (New York City Office); 2008-present, Cornell University ILR
Adjunct Faculty Member (New York City Office)
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), B.A. Mathematics, Canisius College, M.S. Applied Mathematics,
SUNY at Buffalo Law School, J.D., Harvard University School of Law, Program of Instruction for Lawyers
(Negotiations, Prof. Roger Fisher)
Professional Affiliations